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Jack Mapes at 12
Jack Mapes - age 12


Born in the 1920's, Jack Mapes' enthusiasm for cars started from childhood. At 12 years old he bought his first, a '35 Ford convertible. It was purchased at auction, then parked down the block in an attempt to keep his parents from finding out. Of course they did find out, and took this photo to commemorate the occasion.

Throughout his lifetime he bought and sold several cars; many of which he later deeply regretted selling.

During his career at Mapes Industries, manufacturing storefront remodeling products, he planned and dreamed for his retirement when he could search out and restore some of his favorite cars. He and his wife Kay designed and built a home to accommodate his "hobby". As soon as he retired, work on the cars began in earnest!

While Jack did beautiful and meticulous bodywork and upholstery, he had to rely on others to restore the engines and drive trains. He was absolutely delighted when one of his daughters brought home and married an excellent mechanic. Jack Mapes and Mike Dugan became a team whose work is among the very best, garnering praise and trophies at every car show they entered.

Sadly, Jack has passed away. His instructions were that these cars be sold to homes where they would be truly appreciated. These are wonderful automobiles, brought back to showroom condition by a very special man. We hope each of them can become someone's dream car!


Jack's First Packard

Jack Mapes with his first Packard